Friday, November 16, 2001

Hey! I finally figured this thing out! Aren't you proud of me? Yeah.. it took me like 5 hours.. actually only 10 minutes but thats close enough, isn't it? I just got back from Harry Potter.. it kinda sucked... actually it was ok, just not what I thought it would be. Its rated PG but that Draco kid said ass about 5 times... that makes sense. Yeah anyways.. I'm wicked bored, just chillin here... yep... uh huh.. I'm like a frigin dot-a-holic, aren't I? I use those little ... things wayyyy to much.. but yeah... AHH! stopit! Aright, I'm definetly over it. Now i KNOW you all wanna hear about my report card, so ok:
Language Arts [ C+ ]
Pre Algebra [ A-]
Wellness [A+ responsible, attentive, interested ]
Music [ A ]
Art [ B- ]
Science [ A- ]
History [ A ]

Man, I'm pretty damn good.. besides that frigin C+, but no one really cares about Ms. Brochu.. oh and Art, Mr hanowitz.. but hes a dick and I bitched at him! Yep!